Startup Weekend Perth – Round 9 – November 2016

We’re almost at the 10th iteration of Startup Weekend in Perth – can you believe it?

This year a bunch of smart and hungry entrepeneurs came together at Spacecubed to hustle it out over 3 days and build innovative products. You can watch the full recording of the final pitch session below.

Here’s the video of the final pitches for the weekend – Enjoy! (…and remember, if you’ve got a startup event in town and it’s free for the public to attend, we’ll film it for you at no charge if we’re available – get in touch)

Table of contents:

The weekend was hosted at Spacecubed with Nathan Sturcke as the front man.

Final Judging Decisions – 1:47:57

Final teams for Round 9 include:

  • Drastic Plastic (6:03) – Initiative to reduce the amount of plastic bottle pollution in our environment.
  • Pro Gamer Academy (13:39) – Dominate your competition by learning directly from the best gamers in the world.
  • EventFind (20:20) – Easy way to find events from multiple websites all in one place.
  • MyTourBuddy (28:10) – Unique travel insights, shared through video from real people around the world.
  • Repport (35:33) – Seamless summaries and analysis for any written content.
  • GetFished (42:30) – Connecting boat owners and fishing enthusiasts to build friendship and better utilise assets.
  • Bump-ed (49:10) – Location aware dynamic vehicle advertising.
  • Giveezy (57:00) – Donations solution for the cashless society.
  • Beecon (1:04:40) – Live heatmaps of “hot” party locations around town, with real-time incentivised photo sharing.
  • Space Ferrit (1:12:13) – Matching unused spaces (parking, office etc.) with people who need it.
  • Gigtopia (1:19:50) –  A freelancer platform that doesn’t suck.
  • Happy Robbie (1:26:55) – Community engagement and onboarding chatbot application.
  • Ethical Go (1:33:21) – Find ethical products simply by scanning them with your phone.
  • Cheap Feed (1:39:30) – Maximise food retail business yield during low traffic hours.