#1 Selling Hot Sauce on Amazon.com – How Renae Bunster when from “kitchen” to “ka-ching!” with her unique hot sauce, “Shit the bed”

Ever wondered what it takes to develop, launch and scale a food product globally?

In this entertaining talk Renae Bunster thrusts us head first into the crazy world of hot sauce and how she was able to turn her kitchen side-project into a world-recognised brand.

In 2014 she invented a hot-sauce called “Shit the bed” after returning from travelling abroad. Fast forward to 2015 and they broke a world record for crowdfunding her funny named hot sauce. Today her sauce is a #1 selling hot sauce on Amazon.com in the USA.

Watch Renae’s interview with Andy Lamb from Startup Grind where she shares how she used her extensive TV, web and broadcast journalism skills to create and promote a food brand internationally using core principles of the Lean Start Up and the Purple Cow.

Recorded on 12 November 2019 at Startup Grind Perth.

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