Michael Momsen from Rateit – “Our path to millions in recurring revenue & why content marketing is dead”

There are only two things that matter in a startup:
1 – Build a product that customers love – which they keep using and pay you well for.
2 – Find and sign up new customers in a highly repeatable way.

Both are very very very hard, but #2 keeps getting harder and the answer isn’t paid ads or ‘Content Marketing’ as you know it.

In less than three years, startup RateIt has managed to grow their B2B SaaS business to Series A stage with millions in recurring revenue, without doing any SEO, PR, blogging, paid ads/search, or content marketing!

In this session, Michael Momsen, the Founder and CEO of RateIt, will show us how they did it & why he believes content marketing is dying.

Recorded on 21 August 2019 at Morning Startup

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