Growth Hacking a newsletter – with Miles Burke from Bam Creative, 6Q and Growth.Email

Miles Burke joins us at Morning Startup to talk about (what is probably) the most meta of topics ever covered here at Niche Рhow to growth-hack a newsletter about growth hacking.

If you’re short on budget, looking for BIG impact and have a bit of time to spare, watch this presentation and see how Miles took $99 and launched one of the most popular email newsletter services in a very crowded space. He describes his tactics in detail and tell us what worked/didn’t work – so that you can get the same results for your startup.


Miles Burke is a little obsessed with growth. As founder of tech startup 6Q, and digital agency Bam Creative, Miles has been undertaking experiments and doing the startup hustle for a number of years.

His latest side project is, a curated weekly email list of the best growth and marketing articles.

Come along and find out how he is growth hacking a growth hacking newsletter, and the wins and fails he has had along the way.

Full of actionable advice, transparent learnings and the occasional profanity, this talk will help anyone trying to build a unicorn (or even just a pony).