CORE: Meet the Innovator – Bill Withers

CORE Innovation Hub hosted a panel discussion with Bill Withers as part of their monthly “Meet the innovator” Series. Bill is the Founder of Acquire and the Managing Director of Adapt by Design. Here’s the full discussion, filmed at the Core Resources Hub on7 June 2017.

You can find 50+ hours of similar videos, recorded from all the entrepreneurial events around Perth, at our Startup Events page here on Niche.

From CORE: 

Bill Withers is a mining entrepreneur who helps entrepreneurs and leaders build sustainable organisations through his consultancy ADAPT by Design. He is an inspiring leader who developed an employee ownership scheme for his company acQuire. Read more in this AFR article.

We are also fortunate to have him as a mentor for CORE resident accelerator Unearthed Solutions.

Engage in an informative, interactive Q&A with Bill, followed by drinks and networking with other resources tech innovators.