Learn a new language…in only a few months! – exclusive interview with Benny Lewis

Have you ever wondered what the secret is to learning a new language? What makes some people able to speak multiple languages, whilst most of the world will only ever be able to communicate in their mother tongue? Can YOU master a new language in only a few months? Continue reading

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Are your poor communication skills costing you valuable career progression? – Exclusive interview with Ethan F Becker

If you’ve got a burning desire to advance your career, you have got to develop superior communication skills to your competition. Advanced communication is a powerful and valuable life skill…but how can you teach yourself how to communicate like a pro? Continue reading

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Travel the world for $14000 per year – an Interview with Nora Dunn

Did you know it’s possible to travel FULL TIME for less than $14’000 per year?

Just wait until you hear this interview with Nora Dunn, a burnt-out financial planner that decided enough was enough, packed up her things and hit the road. Continue reading

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“Weaknesses” don’t matter. Focus on strengths and prosper – exclusive interview with David Rendall

Are you tired of trying to be what everyone around you wants you to be? Always trying to polish off some of your ‘weaknesses’? I interview David Rendall on what it means to focus on your strengths and not get hung up by your weaknesses. Continue reading

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