$100m Crowdfunding – Insights from interviewing world’s top 3% of crowdfunders

You may not realise it yet, but if you’re interested in learning about crowdfunding – and seeing what it takes to raise 6 figures and beyond – then this video is for you. Jurgen van Pletsen, … Continue reading

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Shedding light on dark data – how veteran journalist and tech entrepreneur Jeff Kofman is using Artificial Intelligence and machine learning to redefine the way we search, edit and verify digital media with Trint.com

“You have to, as a first time entrepreneur–and maybe always as an entrepreneur–sincerely believe that what you’re doing matters, works, and that the world will want it.” Jeff is an Emmy Award-winning news correspondent who is … Continue reading

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Airbnb for Commercial Realestate – How two Aussie Founders are shaking up the property market with PopupShopup

PopupShopup makes it easy to access a space for your “pop up” shop. It’s a hassle-free alternative to the endless paperwork and frustration with finding a space that suits your needs. The business is based in Perth, … Continue reading

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4 Startup Growth Hacking Case Studies with Cam Sinclair from Ammo Marketing

Cam is a business marketing and political campaign expert operating out of Perth, Western Australia. Alongside his extensive political and marketing career, he is a mentor at Bloom WA, an agency that promotes entrepreneurship among young … Continue reading

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Learning Magic Makes You A Better Entrepreneur? Here’s why, with World Record Holding Magician Rokas Bernatonis

Rokas is a world-record holding magician operating out of Vilnius, Lithuania. His personal brand is Rokas Magician, a self-named company that oversees his performances across the globe, in places like Holland, Spain, Denmark, England, and the … Continue reading

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Simple Retargeting For Shopify – Exclusive Interview with Reza Khadjavi, Co-Founder of Shoelace

Reza Khadjavi is the co-founder of Shoelace Technologies, together with his friends Alex and David. The three of them met at a company called Hubba, in Toronto, where their daily interactions fostered aspirations for building something together. … Continue reading

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Living a life of significance – Interview with Aaron Walker (View from the top)

Aaron took time out of his incredibly full schedule to talk to us about his start in the pawn shop business and how he turned a small construction business into one of the largest in his area. … Continue reading

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Growth Hacking Tips From – Conrad Wadowski, Co-Founder of Teachable

Conrad Wadowski is the co-founder of Teachable (formerly Fedora) – an online learning platform with 600,000 active students and 12,000 instructors (Sept 2015). Conrad is a growth hacker (but he was doing that before it was called … Continue reading

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Crowdfunding marketing strategy and PR with Ayelet Noff, Founder and CEO of Blonde 2.0

Ayelet Noff is the Founder and CEO of Blonde 2.0, an award winning PR agency based in Tel-Aviv, Israel (with offices in Boston, MA). Blonde 2.0 was named as a “mover and shaker” by Forbes magazine, and … Continue reading

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Innovation and Digital Disruption with J.J. de la Torre

JJ de la Torre is a digital media executive, innovator, entrepreneur and startup mentor and investor. His work on digital disruption and entrepreneurship is featured in the INSEAD MBA program (of which he is also a graduate), … Continue reading

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