About Jurgen and Niche Interview


About Niche Interview

Niche Interview is where you can learn about running your own business through interviews, case studies and courses from successful entrepreneurs and thought leaders. We deconstruct lessons learnt from proven entrepreneurs around the world to inspire you towards a path of entrepreneurship. You might be a business owner already, or you realise that settling for a 9-5 job is not going to afford you the personal freedom you deserve. We’re here to show you that you don’t have to wait until everything is perfect before starting your venture.

Our mission is to help you to succeed by learning from amazing people with amazing entrepreneurial stories. Our consulting services and training products are designed to shortcut your time to market, grow your business, improve profitability, launch products and have fun in the process.

We want to help you succeed, innovate and build the lifestyle you deserve.


Where it all began

Niche Interview was started by Jurgen van Pletsen (linkedin) when he was working for Deloitte Consulting circa 2009. Jurgen wanted an efficient way to keep learning and updating his skills without it impacting his workload. His solution was to create a platform where he could spend an hour talking to authors of the books he loved, successful entrepreneurs in his space or those areas where he wanted to develop his skills. The theory was that this approach would be less time-consuming than reading a book or re-inventing the wheel through trial and error. By tapping into the wisdom of those that have “done it before” and offering them a platform to extend their reach and influence, everybody wins. All this could be done whilst simultaneously making the learning available to others, and hopefully, inspiring them to run their own profitable businesses in the process.

The plan worked, and today we are a team of entrepreneurs who have each made the leap from professional employment into working for ourselves. Our backgrounds include engineering, professional services and project management, and we use our skills gained both from the corporate world and our own business building experiences to educate and shorten the time to market for small businesses and entrepreneurs. We get questions every day from people wanting advice on how to start or grow their businesses, and have helped founders to improve their businesses in many industries, including clothing & fashion, food & beverage, technology, crowdfunding, oil & gas, electricity, education and many others. We are active participants of the startup community in Perth and passionate about bringing new innovation to life.

Jurgen van Pletsen – Founder, Host

My background is in Management Consulting. I used to work for Deloitte Consulting where I focused on designing and implementing strategy and operational improvement projects. My clients were some of the largest universities and energy companies in Australia and during this time I learnt a LOT about the behaviours that drive commercial success.

When I was 27 I co-founded a management consulting firm that, through a lot of hard work, grew into a 7-figure profit business. It is one of the most challenging and fulfilling experiences of my life to date. Some important lessons I’ve learnt during this phase of my life are to be adaptable, maintain a curiosity about the world, learn to recognise and capitalise on opportunities around you, and never stop moving forward. Failure – and I’ve had my fair share – can only be failure if you fail to learn from it.

Today, I mentor businesses around the world on marketing and growth strategies. I mentor for The Founder Institute, love a good Startup Weekend, did some interesting things with the World Economic Forum through their Global Shapers program, and work with University students around Perth to help them find their way into the “real world”.

I have a degree in Accounting and Information systems, postgrad in Project Management (Curtin) and management and leadership accreditation from Harvard Business School Publishing.

I want to use Niche Interview as a platform to bring you valuable information that will help you succeed in your ventures.


Michael Pipicelli – Producer

Michael operates a property management business in Perth, Western Australia. He is also the producer for Nicheinterview.com and the Small Business Growth Kit and Crowdfunding Blueprint products. Michael is a keen motorsport enthusiast, and his sense of adventure, incredible knack for online research and his ability to form relationships with people around the world, led him down the entrepreneurship path. Michael’s eye for detail and analytical nature, complemented by his engineering background and active investments in the stock market, make him an invaluable asset to our productions. Find him on Twitter and Linkedin.

Niall Rooney – Host, The Fitness Entrepreneur Summit (TFES)

Niall Rooney - Host of The Fitness Entrepreneur Show TFES)

Niall Rooney – Host of The Fitness Entrepreneur Summit (#TFESummit)

Niall is the host of The Fitness Entrepreneurship Summit (#TFESummit) – an online event dedicated to helping entrepreneurs in the fitness industry. Niall’s professional background lies in Project and Contract Management within the construction industry where he has developed a wide range of skills in areas such as business management, negotiation, contractual review and quality, customer focused service. Niall knows a lot about the operational and financial side of business through his work with various successful companies and large, industry leading clients.

Niall has a passion for the fitness industry, and more specifically, with strength & conditioning and combat sports. He started boxing at the age of 12 after watching a Rocky box-set that his brother bought him for Christmas. Since then he was hooked on training of all kinds – running, sprinting, circuit training and weight training. By the age of 18, he started to really find his way around the gym and started focusing on weights and resistance training to discover how it could improve his athletic capability. He also paid special attention on how his nutrition impacted his performance. Since then he’s been lucky enough to train with some of the world’s top coaches and today he applies his knowledge by coaching others along their own fitness journeys.

Niall comments on entrepreneurship and his motivation for The Fitness Entrepreneur Summit as follows:

“Outside of the gym, as I finished university, began full time work and entered the real world, I quickly started to question the 9-5 mentality and pondered whether or not I wanted to be a part of the rat-race for the next 40-50 years. I started to read more books and became inspired by people who had followed their passions, built businesses and created substantial income by waking up every morning and doing something they loved while personally providing huge amounts of service to other people. I eventually became fascinated with lifestyle design and entrepreneurship, phrases I didn’t even know existed 2 years ago!
I’m passionate about fitness and entrepreneurship, so in 2016 we combined these interests and launched The Fitness Entrepreneur Summit. The podcast is designed to motivate and inspire people on the same journey that we’re on by interviewing and learning from the very best entrepreneurs and personalities within the fitness industry. By deconstructing the successes of the industry’s top performers, we hope to give people the perfect dose of motivation and knowledge to follow their own passions, create their own profitable business and make the leap from ‘wantrepreneur’ to entrepreneur.”