A 90% Start-up Failure Rate is Unacceptable but What Can We Do About It?

90% of Startups fail.

It’s a bitter pill to swallow…

…and unless you can make yourself small enough and look the other way, you’re going to have to face it head on.

In the video below, Mike Fuller talks about the typical causes for Startup failure – and more importantly – what you can do to avoid becoming part of that statistic.

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All of the industries and amazing companies that have created this futuristic “Buck Rodgers” world of supercomputers in our pockets, globally synchronised operating systems, and artificially intelligent cars and robots all faced the same high failure rates in the beginning.

So how did they succeed? What enabled some of these companies to dominate their sectors or survive for, in some cases, hundreds of years?

Mike Fuller has over 20 years of experience solving problems and facilitating innovation initiatives in six global industries. His experience extends from one of the UK’s oldest brewing companies, to prestigious universities, world leading mining OEM and services businesses, and Australia’s largest non-denominational provider of community support. All of these businesses have benefitted from Mike’s one focused goal of making people’s experiences and outcomes better.

In this session, Mike will share examples from his experience, along with practical actions you can take to avoid being one of the 90% of startups that fail, and prevent going back to your old 9-5 grind!