4 Startup Growth Hacking Case Studies with Cam Sinclair from Ammo Marketing

Cam is a business marketing and political campaign expert operating out of Perth, Western Australia. Alongside his extensive political and marketing career, he is a mentor at Bloom WA, an agency that promotes entrepreneurship among young people, providing one-on-one consultations and workshops. He is the founder of Ammo Marketing (below), and the co-founder and Chief Marketing Officer at veri.vote, a software that uses blockchain technology to ensure the security of the voting process.

Ammo Marketing is a growth hacking and startup launcher agency in Perth, Australia. Growth hacking is a multi-tooled approach that employs customer engagement through social media, website conversion optimization, and SEO; creative print and digital; e-commerce web design; customer referrals; and remarketing. Their startup launcher programs are just as they sound, programs meant to propel startup companies into profitability by training the owners to attract investors.

Cam’s definition of an entrepreneur is someone who is willing to take risks, and someone who is excited about doing different things and turning it into a business. He believes that the entrepreneur mentality is something that can be acquired through diligence, but he also feels that it’s a great advantage to have it nurtured from a young age.

We spoke on the origins of Ammo Marketing. Cam describes his agency as a “virtual Chief Marketing Officer (CMO)” that comes in as part of the team and takes over the marketing function of a company. A lot of Ammo’s efforts with startups has to do with developing the proper language for delivering a consistent message. The company’s message is shaped into their brand, which is incorporated into a distinct marketing plan that includes strategies for acquiring customers and public relations.

We moved on to discussing some of Cam’s case studies to get a better idea of how he actually helps startups gain traction when going to market. He recalled a tech startup that wanted to create a social media network for the mining industry called “Mineler” – the world’s first social marketplace for people in the mining industry.

The goal was to get at least 100,000 people on the pre-launch waiting list before going to market.

Ammo decided to use LinkedIn as the platform to acquire these potential users. They had everyone involved in the upstart submit their contacts to a LinkedIn mailing list so they could pool their resources. The next step was to acquire similar software that already had 20,000 members, which served as a healthy foundation and removed some competition as a bonus. The rest were acquired through a referral-based incentive program that granted rewards to users who brought in other people, which turned them into the best advertisers for the company.

Through these strategies, Ammo was able to grow the seed list to 85,000 pre-launch. Not bad!

As a general rule of thumb, Cam recommends thinking about what goes on inside the customer’s head, understanding what motivates them. To that end, he recommends that you undergo extensive beta testing of your product or software before launching it to the public, as much can be learned about what people want and expect from by testing that will help your campaigns.

You should also consider what makes your product worthy of public attention and exploit it in channels where people are likely to discuss it and share it with others. If you’ve got an app that provides a service that others don’t, emphasize that difference in all communication. Much of this may sound like Marketing 101, and that’s because it is–luring consumers with incentives, retargeting–there is no special formula that works for every business, and that there will have to be groundwork to build interest. Each case study utilized a different method that was logically inclined to its product, and figuring out which one is right for your business is a huge step.

Cam presented several useful case studies in our 35-minute interview. We discussed everything from tech startups about texting applications to fitness to brick-and-mortar law firms. Each study contains a specific tactic that you can use to improve your business. Enjoy!

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  1. Mal Gordon says:

    Great interview Cam and Jurgen. Love a good case study!

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Cam Sinclair

Cam is the Founder of Ammo Marketing, an agency that helps you launch and growth hack your startup.