$100m Crowdfunding – Insights from interviewing world’s top 3% of crowdfunders

You may not realise it yet, but if you’re interested in learning about crowdfunding – and seeing what it takes to raise 6 figures and beyond – then this video is for you.

Jurgen van Pletsen, Founder of Nicheinterview.com, gave a presentation at a recent Morning Startup event to share crowdfunding strategies and techniques you need to deploy in order to have a successful crowdfunding campaign in today’s market. Watch the full video below.

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Here’s what you’ll learn in this video:

  • You’ll learn how to get noticed amongst the 500 other projects launched every day, so you can stand out above the noise and get backers and large publications to take you seriously.
  • You’ll learn what the important elements are, the typical stages of a campaign and the essential groundwork required if you want a good chance at succeeding, so you can hit the ground running and not make the same old mistakes as everyone else.
  • You’ll learn why 80% of campaigns fail miserably, yet others go on to raise millions of Dollars – and the tricks and techniques used by the “big guys” to smash through their funding goals.
  • You’ll learn advanced strategies for combining your crowdfunding campaign with Facebook’s statistics engine to find more backers, and how to get granular with tracking your data.
  • You’ll see an often-missed “White Hat” strategy that large successful campaigns use to double their money in less than 60 days.

Over the last two years Jurgen has interviewed the Founders of crowdfunding campaigns that have collectively raised over $100,000,000 on platforms like Kickstarter and Indiegogo. He did in-depth detailed strategy teardown interviews and case studies with each of them, and he wants to come and share back to the community on what he’s learned. He has noticed many common patterns to model, and patterns to avoid.

So if you are curious to see how the top 3% of crowdfunders in the world do it – then watch this video. If you have ever thought about crowdfunding as a potential way to launch your product, build your brand and raise capital, then this is for you.

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Jurgen van Pletsen

Insights from $100m worth of crowdfunding projects, with strategies and techniques you need to deploy in order to have a successful crowdfunding campaign in today's highly competitive market.