Art IS business. An interview with Ishara Jayakody – the girl that makes fashion out of food

Ishara Jayakody is the girl that makes fashion out of food. A management consultant for Deloitte by day, and artist by night, she represents the perfect blend between business and art. Ishara believes art IS business, and in this 30 minute interview we find out why.

If you are in business but having trouble thinking creatively, or an artist and not sure how to market yourself or your art, then this interview is for you.


Born in Sri Lanka and raised in Australia, Ishara is described as “an enterprising food fashionista”. She grew up with a passion for the synergy of creative problem solving, artistic embellishment and continuous curiosity.

She explores this passion through making art out of food, and attempts to capture and explore the essence of local cultures.

Why food? Ishara wants to enhance our associations with food through raw emotion, indulgence, human connections and comfort.

Why fashion? To take our associations with self, uniqueness to the next level, she experiments with colours, textures, patterns and designs that reflect our identities.

Ishara’s mission is to inspire and spread uplifting energy through her work.

Her latest work, “Ingredients of New York City“, will be displayed at Select Fair Monarch Projects, May 13th – 17th 2015. She will be displaying alongside Christopher MinafoMichael Alig, James Miille and Todd Goldman.

You can find them at Stall 304, Level 3 next to the Marina Abramovic institute. Follow the hashtag #THATBAGELSUIT to see her work in action.


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Ishara Jayakody

Ishara is the girl that makes fashion out of food.