Growth Hacking Tips From – Conrad Wadowski, Co-Founder of Teachable

Conrad Wadowski is the co-founder of Teachable (formerly Fedora) – an online learning platform with 600,000 active students and 12,000 instructors (Sept 2015). Conrad is a growth hacker (but he was doing that before it was called “growth hacking”). His products have been featured in all major media outlets and he started the largest growth hacking training program in the world.

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In this interview we discuss the method Conrad and his team used to grow Teachable into the powerhouse of online learning it is today – the techniques and strategies Conrad shares here can make a profound impact on how you think and act when it comes to attracting and retaining customers.

In this interview you will not only learn how to attract, convert and keep customers engaged, but you will feel the excitement and passion Conrad has in his work – it’s all about playing, testing and having fun. Never forget that! banner 01 640w

Conrad believes an entrepreneur is someone that is willing to assume personal risk to move the world to a place they imagine it can be. Someone that can see the world in a different light and is motivated to get there.

Before joining Teachable as co-founder, Conrad started the User Growth Bootcamp. The bootcamp is an interactive weekly workshop where you can learn about user growth and acquisition from people who have built 100m+ user bases for their products. The workshops are conducted in person in New York City, and streamed live globally, and provide you access to people who have done this themselves at a fraction of the cost of hiring a consultant. The workshops are now the largest of its kind in the world.

One of the first products Conrad helped bring to market was an iPad app to make financial information easy to understand. The app ended up being one of the highest grossing iPad apps at the time.

The next step in the journey is interesting to observe – Conrad thought he would go work for a large company or another startup and stay there for a long time… perhaps dabble in early stage investing.

Instead, the journey took him through a period of consulting, getting exposed to multiple projects and round off his skills in networking and business development. Growhack and Teachable became possible as a result. Today Teachable has obtained over $2m in backing and grown their user base to 600k students all around the world with only 11 employees.

If you find yourself trying to do things perfectly, or afraid of failing, remember that the value is in the journey, not the destination. Conrad’s story is a testament to this.

“As long as you build the right skills, the right project will come your way. Be confident, people have done this before!”

Keep crushing it Conrad!


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Conrad Wadowski

Conrad Wadowski is the Co-Founder of Fedora (an online learning platform with 600k students) and GrowHack (the largest growth hacking bootcamp in the world)