“Weaknesses” don’t matter. Focus on strengths and prosper – exclusive interview with David Rendall

In this interview I speak to David Rendall about what it means to focus on your strengths and not get hung up by your weaknesses.

Are you tired of trying to be what everyone around you wants you to be? Always trying to polish off some of your ‘weaknesses’?

Do you really need to make that ‘attitude adjustment’ and ‘fit in’ with everyone else to be successful in life? The answers to these questions and a whole lot more are revealed in this exclusive 60 minute discussion with David Rendall, the founder of Rendall & Associates. David’s consulting firm specialises in leadership development and strategic planning. David has a doctorate in management as well as undergraduate and graduate degrees in psychology, so he’s in a good position to comment on the nexus between people and business. David works with 100’s of organisations around the world to show them how to bring out their employees’ full potential by letting them be who they are instead of trying to make them fit into a mold they’ll never feel comfortable in.

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I subscribe to David’s philosophy on capitalising on your strengths and not worrying too much about the stuff you’re not that good at. We can’t all be great at the same things! When I came across his pages online I knew I had to get him on the phone and bring the story to you, so that you can learn directly from David how to:

  • Identify your true strengths and capitalise on them
  • Forget about what other people see in you as weaknesses
  • Focus on your core abilities and live a happier, healthier and more rewarding life

David also shares some of his thoughts about what makes organisations successful and how they can build winning teams through combining people from a diverse range of backgrounds and skill sets.

Look, it’s important to be able to fit into cultures, adapt to new situations and to always push yourself for excellence. However, it’s equally important to remember who YOU are along the way, because too often we just ‘take it’ and move along aimlessly. Before we know it, we assume the personalities, goals and objectives of those around us and seek their approval… sometimes we even APOLOGISE for who we are! That’s no way to live.

You are a unique, remarkable human being and it’s important to take a step back and consider if you are really pursuing your dreams and making the most of the talents you were given. Many times you just need a different frame of reference and to stop comparing yourself to everyone else.

Perhaps you are you afraid of ‘standing out’? In this interview you will learn how ‘standing out’ can be a lot more rewarding (and profitable) than ‘blending in’.

If you could identify those things in your personality that could help you break free from the mold, to capitalise on your personality and not be afraid to be who you are, wouldn’t you want to know?

Listen to the full interview where I grill David to the core of these questions, and become yourself again today.

You deserve it!

To learn more about Dave and his Freak Factor concept, check out the links below.

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David Rendall

Author of The Freak Factor: Discovering Uniqueness by Flaunting Weakness