Learn a new language…in only a few months! – exclusive interview with Benny Lewis

Have you ever wondered what the secret is to learning a new language? What makes some people able to speak multiple languages, whilst most of the world will only ever be able to communicate in their mother tongue? Is it possible to master a language in only a few months?

Benny Lewis has discovered the simple trick to speaking several languages so fluently, he’s regularly mistaken for a local. He’s just an ordinary guy, and yet he speaks SEVEN languages perfectly! The most amazing part is that it only takes Benny a few months to become comfortable in a new language. He is a polyglot, which is the formal word for someone capable of speaking several languages, mastering complex vocabularies, grammar and syntax rules in only 3 months!

Imagine the possibilities of speaking seven languages…where would you go? What would you see? And how would you experience the world, being treated as a local wherever you went, instead of being treated like just another tourist?

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Starting his adventures in Spain, Benny has studied and mastered Spanish, Gaelic Irish, French, Italian, Portuguese and Esperanto, and is currently living in Berlin, fast becoming fluent in German too!
Benny has transformed his life, going from a mundane existence as a qualified electrical engineer, to travelling all over the world, translating technical documents and blogging about his adventures.

Using his unique scientific approach, he has developed a method so easy anyone can apply it. You don’t need a born talent for languages –  Benny has CRACKED THE CODE to the optimum way of learning in ANY language in a matter of months.

If you’ve ever thought it’s too late for you to learn a new language, you NEED to hear Benny’s secret…and discover why learning any language is more about applying a mindset than it is about natural ability.
In this exclusive talk with Niche Interview, Benny explains why:

  • Learning a new language boils down to a single decision you have to make…can you commit to this crucial mindset?
  • How your social circle influences your ability to master your new chosen language…and how your new language influences your social circle!
  • He moved his entire life away from his home country, giving him the chance to experience things most people can only dream of

Worried about Benny’s secret only applying to those lucky enough to be able to travel to another country? Benny has a solution for that too! Listen to the full interview to discover Benny’s genius method for perfecting new languages, all without leaving your own home country (pssst…he uses this same simple trick to polish and maintain his fluency in all the languages he has mastered).

Speaking new languages opens up so many new doors…Benny has been able to travel the world, supporting himself as a professional language hacker.

How would YOUR life be transformed if you had mastered another language?

If you want to know the secret to Benny’s success, then listen to the full interview…and discover how to learn any language your heart desires!

You can follow all Benny’s adventures at Fluent in 3 Months. Make sure to join his Language Hacking League (LHL) newsletter and check out the newly released Language Hacking Guide.

Lastly, if you have any specific questions you’d like to ask Benny or would like me to set up another more detailed call with him, feel free to drop me a line at any time.


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5 Responses to Learn a new language…in only a few months! – exclusive interview with Benny Lewis

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  2. I listened to the interview last night: really really interesting!
    Anyone that wants to learn foreign languages should listen to this.

    Benny has an interesting theory, proven to be true: start talking day 1, no exception, no excuses. Turn off English or your native language and you will see significant results in 1-3 months.

    I have been interrailing several times during my life and I was amazed how learning languages becomes so much more effective and fun when interacting with people and not worrying about mistakes.

    I am definitely going to buy the language hacking guide.
    Great stuff !

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  5. Monex says:

    Language learning tips from Benny the Irish polyglot who speaks 7 languages and his story as he travels the world to learn new ones!..7.

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