How To Turn Your $10 Book Into $28,000

(scroll down for the video) So you just finished your book. Congratulations! No doubt about it – you’ve spent hours, days, weeks and months to complete it. And it’s a masterpiece. Now it’s time to sell it, make that … Continue reading

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Drive Growth with Referral Programs and Social Competitions

Word of mouth is one of the most powerful marketing concepts you can master. In a recent study, Nielsen research determined that 84% of consumers trust product recommendations from family members, colleagues, and friends. A recent … Continue reading

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Master the art of telling your brand story

The core of marketing is to establish communication between your company or brand and your audience, the customer. Within that, your brand story is your company’s narrative – the thing that defines your identity as separate from … Continue reading

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Guarantees – Build Trust Through Risk Reversal For Your Customers

There are many different objections that will appear in the minds of prospective customers as they become familiar with your brand. If this business interaction requires submission of their name, email, and credit card number, they … Continue reading

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Sales Funnels and Marketing Automation Workflows

Imagine that you were able to connect with every client that submitted a question or purchase from your business. Imagine further, that you could automatically connect on a deeper level with every client to celebrate events … Continue reading

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Conduct Effective Exit Interviews for Lost Customers

“I love it when my customers stop doing business with me” – said no-one ever. So what can you do when a customer decides to take their business elsewhere and leave you forever? Implementing customer exit … Continue reading

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Retargeting Ads: How It Can Help You Reclaim Lost Visitors

Retargeting ads are easy to set up, cost effective to maintain and can have powerful results to your bottom line. We’ll explain what they are and how you can start using them in your business today. Why … Continue reading

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